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Accidental Bowel Leakage

Accidental bowel leakage (also known as fecal or bowel incontinence) is the inability to control your bowel movements, causing stool to leak unexpectedly. If you are suffering from accidental bowel leakage, you are not alone. This condition affects 10-15%1 of the adult population and its primary cause is due to damaged or weakened anal sphincter muscles. It is important to know there are treatment options available to help you manage this condition.

Causes of Accidental Bowel Leakage

A common cause of accidental bowel leakage is damage or impairment to the anal sphincter muscles or the nerves that control them. This may happen to women during pregnancy or childbirth or can be the result of prior surgery or trauma.


If you suffer from accidental bowel leakage, it is important for you to speak with your doctor regarding this condition. Your doctor will diagnose your specific problem and discuss the best treatment options with you.

Treatment Options

Once you have been diagnosed with an insufficient anal sphincter muscle, there are a number of treatment options that may improve your condition. These options may include the following:

These procedures may involve repair, additional support or replacement of your anal sphincter muscles.

Humanitarian Device: Authorized by the Federal (USA) Law for use in the treatment of fecal incontinence in patients who are not candidates for or have previously failed conservative treatment and less invasive therapy options (e.g., injectable bulking agents, radiofrequency ablation, sacral nerve stimulation). The effectiveness of this device for this use has not been demonstrated.

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